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I am always on the lookout for painting techniques. They can be found in all sorts of crafts. Today’s painting technique is featured on greeting cards but I plan to try it on a large painting. Pop on over to the blog Persia Lou for the step by step tutorial on how to create a […]

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The Benefits of Commercial Painting Companies — Commercial Paintings Companies

Painting is one of the best ways to complete the construction of your house and to shape the appearance of the house. If you want to change the look of your house, the first thing you need to ensure that you do is consider painting it perfectly. However, there are two types of painting […]

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Low Buildings Versus High Rise Buildings: What’s Easier To Maintain?

When we’re talking about maintaining buildings, there’s a lot of factors to consider. One would automatically think that low buildings are easier to maintain. Interior and exterior painting is rather simple. Almost anyone can paint low buildings, experienced or not. It’s generally understood that high rise buildings are more complicated, as they require high rise painters to do high ropes painting. There’s many safety concerns and can’t be done by just anyone. We’ve put this article together to discuss which kind of building is easier to maintain and why it might be easier than the other.  


Low buildings: low-level maintenance 
We often assume the low buildings have a low level of maintenance. There’s no need for high rise painters or a high-level or expertise. While this is the assumption, low buildings still need as much maintenance as high rise buildings. This is mostly because they are at eye level, low level buildings are more exposed. Exterior painting work needs to happen regularly to ensure upkeep of a low-level building. If a business is lacking in maintaining their low building, they run the risk of losing business. Turning to an inexperienced painter to undertake paint work can be risky, time-consuming and expensive in the long-term. Just because it seems to be of low-level maintenance, doesn’t mean you should skimp on experienced painters. 

High rise buildings: high-level safety 
High rise painters are specialised in high ropes painting. They are trained to do their job properly and safely, and obviously a high rise building requires a high level of safety. People assume that the higher the building, the more safety equipment needed. This is true in some form, but mostly untrue. A good painter will use proper harnessing and safety barriers, no matter how tall or short the building. Safety isn’t just about the painter themselves, but the public and your staff. Regardless of the height of the building, safety should always be prioritised over anything else. 

Exterior painting: there’s no two ways about it 
Exterior painting jobs can be huge. If a whole business or shop needs doing, it can take a lot of time. But is exterior painting easier to maintain when it’s a low building? They’re actually quite the same. The same level of safety should be adopted and prioritised. More paint is used for high level buildings when doing exterior painting, but is relative to its size. Whether you’ve got a high-rise building or a low one, maintaining your building is going to ensure its longevity and keep your reputation in tact.

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Quality Commercial Painting Service in Sydney All about painting have some expertise in painting and enhancing. We give business, mechanical and private painting administrations in New South Wales. Our business will land any position, it doesn’t make a difference how enormous or small task. For more than 15 years encounter, we trust that our […]

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3 Mistakes Commonly Made By Businesses: Asset Protection

Most successful businesses move forth with a refurbishment with only their budget in mind. What many businesses fail to realise is that updates are needed for asset protection. Without regular upkeep, a businesses building can fall apart. A dilapidated building could damage the business, their employees and its reputation. It is important that businesses realise how important it is to spend time and funds on maintaining the premises. Many businesses don’t know where to begin when it concerns vital upgrades and maintenance. We’ve put this article together to help businesses owners avoid common mistakes. Commercial painting contractors are experts who can do a number of paint tricks, from electrostatic paint to high rise buildings. Let’s take a look at some common mistakes made by businesses and what you can do to avoid these.

Businesses who fail to realise the benefits of using electrostatic paint

One of the greatest and most reliable painting techniques is electrostatic paint. Many businesses fail to realise what benefits involves for asset protection. Electrostatic paint gives a wonderful, smooth finish. It is long-lasting, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly. If you can’t see the benefit of this paint like the commercial painting contractors do, you’ll be making a big mistake. There is loads of information across the web about electrostatic paint, so you should get educated on its wonderful benefits.

Businesses who try to do it on the cheap

A huge mistake that many businesses make is doing their upgrades on the cheap. They might know of someone who can do basic painting or they may use a few of their own staff. Sometimes trying to cut corners costs a lot more in the long run. Commercial painting contractors are there to help with asset protection and various paint jobs. They can advise on the best techniques and services that suit your building best. It’s better to spend the money and get the job done properly, than to waste your time, effort and money.

Businesses who don’t see the benefit in maintenance

We’ve all heard the saying: ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. While it might be applicable in some cases, for maintenance it’s not. Businesses who don’t see the benefit in maintaining their building can often spend a lot more money. Regular maintenance is essential for asset protection. Commercial painting contractors recommend that you undergo a thorough refurbishment at least once a year. If you leave the building to run down, it will cost a lot more to replace than to fix.

What Do You Do With Floor Paint?

Floor paint is one of those painting services that is so much more than what meets the eye. Paint on the floor can completely change the atmosphere within a home, shop or workplace. Bright colours open a room up and make it much more spacious. Darker colours enhance wall art and give the room more warmth. Line marking is another part of floor paint that creates sections, promotes uniqueness and guides your clients. We’ve come up with a few ways you can modify your floor so that it improves your business.

What do you do with floor paint?

It’s an extremely common question because the floor is often forgotten about. Businesses will redo their shop or offices and focus entirely on changing the wall paint and furniture. Floor paint can be used to change the atmosphere of a room. It can also be used to cover up stains or to make a concrete floor more attractive. Some painters will offer painting services that include line marking. Line marking is a good one for warehouses and shops. They help address safety in the workplace and help guide people to where things belong. If you’ve never thought about how line marking or floor paint will help your business, continue reading.

Why is floor paint often forgotten about?

Paint on the floor is often forgotten about because it’s the last thing we attend to. Sure, carpet is a big factor if you want to keep your premise warm and cosy. If you’ve got wooden or cement floors, or a large outdoor area, people skip the floor. We often focus on changing what sits at eye level. Wall art, wall paint, furniture and lighting are often the first things to be refurbished. We invite you to consider your floor and how painting it can drastically change the environment for the better.

Who can paint my floor?

A good specialist will offer painting services that include the floor. A painter will need special equipment for line marking and floor painting jobs. It’s not a great idea to undertake floor painting jobs yourself or hand it to an inexperienced painter. Hire a professional who offers these kind of painting services. Attention to detail and ensuring you get the best results should be your main priority. Ask questions, get as much information as possible and seek the most experienced professionals in the painting industry.

3 Facts About Powder Coating

When you think of powder coating, a number of ideas probably pop into your mind. Unless you’re an experienced industrial painter, you probably won’t know much about this kind of paint form. It’s a paint form that is slowly gaining popularity amongst the industrial sector, mainly because of its durability. Painting techniques that utilise powder coating have a set number of advantages and disadvantages. Unlike wet paint, the powder form does not contain solvent. Solvent keeps wet paint as a liquid. Powder coatings are applied using an electrostatic gun and is much easier to apply than liquid paint. Negatively charged particles in the powder attract to positively charged metallic surfaces. The end result is a smooth, even finish. If you’re intrigued to find out more about this form of paint, let us tell you three facts you may not know about powder coating. These facts may help you in your decision to use this form of paint for your next industrial painting project.

Powder coating is better than wet paint

In general, a powder coating has many advantages over wet paint. While you will need to hire an industrial painter if you don’t have experience with this, it is worth the immaculate finish. Painting techniques that use a powder coating end up being much better than wet paint. The powder form is more resistant to chips, scratches and other marks, making it better for longer. The powder form is stronger in terms of dealing with environmental changes and corrosion because it is applied in a thick coating. The thickness and durability makes it much more reliable and resilient, saving you time and money in the long run.

Powder coating is safer than wet paint

You may be surprised by the fact that having your industrial painter use the powder form is much more safer than wet paint. The powder form is safe to store and safe to apply. Your expert painter will use a professional electrostatic gun to apply the coating, free from liquids. Liquid paints contain chemicals that are highly flammable. They can be toxic and create various respiratory and health issues. Because liquid paints can be so dangerous to administer and have strong implications if done incorrectly, they require application by a professional industral painter. This is going to cost more money and it’s going to keep your insurance premiums high.

Powder coating is more reliable than wet paint

We’ve mentioned that the powder form is generally better than the liquid form, but it’s important to highlight that it is more reliable. When a professional industrial painter applies the powder coating, the transfer efficiency is around 60 to 70 percent. The waste is then collected and reused, making it one of the most economical painting techniques around. Wet paint only gives a transfer efficiency of 30 to 35 percent, with 50 percent of the product evaporating and very little chance to recycle any overspray. The transfer efficiency makes the powder form of painting much cheaper and much more reliable compared to wet paint.

10 Easy Make-Over Tips For Your Business

Whether you’re trying to make an impression on your clients, looking to reward your staff or doing some much-needed updates, there’s heaps of ways to improve your business. Let’s be clear form the beginning, that we intend to talk about the exterior and interior sections of your business, and how you can change the face of your business and get stellar results. We’ve come up with ten easy make-over tips to help you with your upgrade. In no time at all, you will smash difficult access projects, complete an entire exterior painting task and experiment with electro painting techniques.


Bring in the professionals

It’s a good idea to hire a professional commercial painter who can help with reaching your refurbishment goals. It’s really easy to create significant setbacks if you’re dealing with inexperienced professionals. Hiring a professional to assist with those difficult access projects and to help with electro painting is going to ensure the job is done well.

Find time to plan, evaluate and plan again

It’s easy to get excited about the prospect of upgrading your workplace, but every idea needs a plan. Make time to speak with advisors about your ideas. Find the time to plan and create a timeline. As we will mention in our next point, communication is key. If you have twenty professionals involved, they all need to be kept on the same page. Allow time for mistakes and accept that there may be some slight differences from the end result to the original plan.

Communicate with your staff members and clients

When deciding to do a make-over on your business, it’s going to disrupt your employees and your clients. As much as you possibly can, communicate with those around you and make sure they understand what is going to happen and how they will be affected. It’s an exciting time, but you must keep everyone informed to ensure deadlines are met and business objectives are met.

Call in extra help for difficult access projects

Difficult access projects can be either interior or exterior painting areas. It can also include tight spots or high areas, that could be unsafe. There’s no point in considering a make-over if you’re not going to ensure maximal safety or do the job properly. Call in expert help for those difficult access projects.

If everything else fails, at least change the exterior paint colour

Sometimes plans are disrupted or delayed. It could be to do with money, level of expertise available or time constraints. If all else fails, consider just changing the exterior. You can easily do exterior painting on your business, as it will dry quickly during the summer months and causes the least disruption to your employees.

Budget well by being resourceful and recycling

All make-overs cost money. It doesn’t matter if you’re going with electro painting techniques or the basics, you should budget well. Consider what needs to be repaired, what can last a few more years and what is urgent. Recycle furniture where possible.

Repair instead of replacing

As we have mentioned above, you should try to recycle furniture where possible. Making over a business can cost a lot of money if it isn’t planned well. Repair areas of importance instead of replacing. This way it will be a quicker and cheaper make-over, with the same excellent results.

Electro painting is a great way to get the job done well

Electro painting is an excellent way to complete a job fast and well. Electro paint is often applied to metallic surfaces. It ensures a smooth, even finish. If you can, consider hiring a professional for your electro painting tasks. The results will be better and you’ll be impressed with how fast it takes to complete.

Let there be light

A top tip for any make-over is to ensure you don’t make your business interior or exterior too dark. There should always be ample lighting coming inside. It helps with productivity and improves overall mood. You should prioritise lighting in your plan from the very beginning.

Maintain accessibility and safety at all times

Our final tip for a successful make-over is to ensure that you maintain accessibility and safety. All common areas should be accessible, including meeting rooms, bathrooms, staff rooms and kitchens. Prioritise safety and you’ll be sure to have a successful refurbishment result.

Why Good Businesses Refurbish Often

When running a business, it can take some intense discussion to decide to renovate or refurbish. Some will argue that a business property is adequate, while others will argue that it needs repair. Whether you support one view or the other, there’s actually so much more to a refurbishment than what is needed. Many people will hire a painting specialist because they need specific work done. They may want some interior painting or exterior painting done. They might be hired to ensure the materials used includes paint protection. If you’re in doubt as to whether you should or shouldn’t refurbish, here’s a few reasons why good businesses refurbish often.

It’s better to upkeep and repair than to replace

Almost in every scenario, it’s better to repair than to replace. When it comes to paint protection and ensuring your business is at its best, regular upkeep is far better than letting it run to the ground. If something isn’t looking that great, it’s better to get it repaired as soon as possible, than to hold out and wait for it to bust. This isn’t only more frustrating for the business, but it costs more money too. Good businesses undertake regular exterior and interior painting schedules. This ensures the best results and increases longevity.

Maintenance keeps everyone on the same page

Regular maintenance checks ensures that all parties are on the same page. Routine maintenance is a good way to ensure that exterior and interior painting tasks are complete. It ensures that parts of the building are repaired and cleaned regularly. A painting specialist is a good person for this. Routine maintenance isn’t just good for keeping the premise clean, it allows you to put more time into other aspects of the business. It would be extremely difficult to invest your time into maintenance and building replacements if you didn’t care about it.

Brighter workplaces are so much better

Refurbishments are fun. Whether you’re changing the exterior or interior painting tones and colours, a change is exciting. Good businesses refurbish often because they want their employees to feel excited about coming to work. The atmosphere should be bright, encourage good work ethic and collaboration. Hiring a painting specialist is a good start. They can organise the office or shop and ensure that the refurbishment makes positive changes.

Revitalise and use your space

Good businesses refurbish often because they want to utilise their workspaces. It’s common for trends to change and businesses to groove with the changes. It’s important that businesses keep up with the trends in order to boost their popularity. Revitalising and utilising the space motivates and encourages staff. Exterior and interior painting projects enable change to happen and improvements to take place. With a refurbishment, you know that good things can happen for yourself, your staff and your business.

Why Your Commercial Building Needs Protective Coating

Commercial buildings go through a lot of wear and tear in everyday life, from weather and environmental damage to graffiti and vandalism to general decaying. Investing in protective coatings can help your commercial building maintain its facade for longer. Not only do you save long term in re-paints and general upkeep, but you can benefit from asset protection and your maintenance programmes will be much easier down the line.


Asset Protection

Protective coating can be invaluable for buildings, and can be added to the interior and exterior parts of buildings. This protective layer insulates the paint and quality appearance of the structure while acting as a barrier from outside forces, maintaining an attractive building for longer.

Maintenance Programmes

Maintenance programmes like protective coatings are long lasting and powerful against many different occurrences. The added layer provides fire protection, is temperature resistant, protects against rust, damp, and harsh weather conditions, and environmental damage. Acid rain – a harmful combination or sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide – and damage from smog and high traffic can be major culprits in the degradation of building facades, so proactive protection can be key.

Paint Protection

It is also more cost effective to proactively protect your building than to continually and frequently replace elements of it. Simple everyday chemicals or toxins like the hydrogen and oxygen from rain and sodium and chlorine from salt react with iron in a building structure that degrade it over time. While it may seem easy and cheap to repair the effects of corrosion every now and then, it’s much more time and cost effective to invest in asset protection once.

Protective Coatings

You shouldn’t rule out the possibility of graffiti or vandalism to your building. If your building is situated in an area with a mid to high level of graffiti, regular paint jobs and repairs can add up and become time-consuming. A protective layer can provide a buffer from much graffiti paint that doesn’t provide a good enough surface for the paint to attach to, adding extra asset protection to your building. This will also deter future potential graffiti artists.

Grange Banks Commercial Painters are highly qualified and experienced in building maintenance programmes and asset protection in Victoria and Tasmania. Call them for a quote on protective coating on your commercial building interior or exterior. They also specialise in heritage restoration, concrete restoration, and waterproofing solutions. Grange Banks uses cutting edge technology and is a member of the Painting Contractor Certification Program that holds impeccable performance standards that make them the number one choice for many clients in the area.