3 Facts About Powder Coating

When you think of powder coating, a number of ideas probably pop into your mind. Unless you’re an experienced industrial painter, you probably won’t know much about this kind of paint form. It’s a paint form that is slowly gaining popularity amongst the industrial sector, mainly because of its durability. Painting techniques that utilise powder coating have a set number of advantages and disadvantages. Unlike wet paint, the powder form does not contain solvent. Solvent keeps wet paint as a liquid. Powder coatings are applied using an electrostatic gun and is much easier to apply than liquid paint. Negatively charged particles in the powder attract to positively charged metallic surfaces. The end result is a smooth, even finish. If you’re intrigued to find out more about this form of paint, let us tell you three facts you may not know about powder coating. These facts may help you in your decision to use this form of paint for your next industrial painting project.

Powder coating is better than wet paint

In general, a powder coating has many advantages over wet paint. While you will need to hire an industrial painter if you don’t have experience with this, it is worth the immaculate finish. Painting techniques that use a powder coating end up being much better than wet paint. The powder form is more resistant to chips, scratches and other marks, making it better for longer. The powder form is stronger in terms of dealing with environmental changes and corrosion because it is applied in a thick coating. The thickness and durability makes it much more reliable and resilient, saving you time and money in the long run.

Powder coating is safer than wet paint

You may be surprised by the fact that having your industrial painter use the powder form is much more safer than wet paint. The powder form is safe to store and safe to apply. Your expert painter will use a professional electrostatic gun to apply the coating, free from liquids. Liquid paints contain chemicals that are highly flammable. They can be toxic and create various respiratory and health issues. Because liquid paints can be so dangerous to administer and have strong implications if done incorrectly, they require application by a professional industral painter. This is going to cost more money and it’s going to keep your insurance premiums high.

Powder coating is more reliable than wet paint

We’ve mentioned that the powder form is generally better than the liquid form, but it’s important to highlight that it is more reliable. When a professional industrial painter applies the powder coating, the transfer efficiency is around 60 to 70 percent. The waste is then collected and reused, making it one of the most economical painting techniques around. Wet paint only gives a transfer efficiency of 30 to 35 percent, with 50 percent of the product evaporating and very little chance to recycle any overspray. The transfer efficiency makes the powder form of painting much cheaper and much more reliable compared to wet paint.

10 Easy Make-Over Tips For Your Business

Whether you’re trying to make an impression on your clients, looking to reward your staff or doing some much-needed updates, there’s heaps of ways to improve your business. Let’s be clear form the beginning, that we intend to talk about the exterior and interior sections of your business, and how you can change the face of your business and get stellar results. We’ve come up with ten easy make-over tips to help you with your upgrade. In no time at all, you will smash difficult access projects, complete an entire exterior painting task and experiment with electro painting techniques.


Bring in the professionals

It’s a good idea to hire a professional commercial painter who can help with reaching your refurbishment goals. It’s really easy to create significant setbacks if you’re dealing with inexperienced professionals. Hiring a professional to assist with those difficult access projects and to help with electro painting is going to ensure the job is done well.

Find time to plan, evaluate and plan again

It’s easy to get excited about the prospect of upgrading your workplace, but every idea needs a plan. Make time to speak with advisors about your ideas. Find the time to plan and create a timeline. As we will mention in our next point, communication is key. If you have twenty professionals involved, they all need to be kept on the same page. Allow time for mistakes and accept that there may be some slight differences from the end result to the original plan.

Communicate with your staff members and clients

When deciding to do a make-over on your business, it’s going to disrupt your employees and your clients. As much as you possibly can, communicate with those around you and make sure they understand what is going to happen and how they will be affected. It’s an exciting time, but you must keep everyone informed to ensure deadlines are met and business objectives are met.

Call in extra help for difficult access projects

Difficult access projects can be either interior or exterior painting areas. It can also include tight spots or high areas, that could be unsafe. There’s no point in considering a make-over if you’re not going to ensure maximal safety or do the job properly. Call in expert help for those difficult access projects.

If everything else fails, at least change the exterior paint colour

Sometimes plans are disrupted or delayed. It could be to do with money, level of expertise available or time constraints. If all else fails, consider just changing the exterior. You can easily do exterior painting on your business, as it will dry quickly during the summer months and causes the least disruption to your employees.

Budget well by being resourceful and recycling

All make-overs cost money. It doesn’t matter if you’re going with electro painting techniques or the basics, you should budget well. Consider what needs to be repaired, what can last a few more years and what is urgent. Recycle furniture where possible.

Repair instead of replacing

As we have mentioned above, you should try to recycle furniture where possible. Making over a business can cost a lot of money if it isn’t planned well. Repair areas of importance instead of replacing. This way it will be a quicker and cheaper make-over, with the same excellent results.

Electro painting is a great way to get the job done well

Electro painting is an excellent way to complete a job fast and well. Electro paint is often applied to metallic surfaces. It ensures a smooth, even finish. If you can, consider hiring a professional for your electro painting tasks. The results will be better and you’ll be impressed with how fast it takes to complete.

Let there be light

A top tip for any make-over is to ensure you don’t make your business interior or exterior too dark. There should always be ample lighting coming inside. It helps with productivity and improves overall mood. You should prioritise lighting in your plan from the very beginning.

Maintain accessibility and safety at all times

Our final tip for a successful make-over is to ensure that you maintain accessibility and safety. All common areas should be accessible, including meeting rooms, bathrooms, staff rooms and kitchens. Prioritise safety and you’ll be sure to have a successful refurbishment result.