How to Find the Best Painter For What You Need

When you’re looking for a painter, it helps to know what you need one for. Some painters are specialised in applying electrostatic paint, while others are specialist high rise painters. Doing a 360 of your workplace is the best way to understand what kind of painter you need and what for. We suggest that you walk around your business, both interior and exterior, spot the areas that need work, and take notes. Many painters have their own specialised equipment to undertake even the most difficult tasks. Here’s a guide we’ve put together to help you find the best painter for what you need.

Look for areas needing improvement

It doesn’t matter how old the building is, there’s always going to be areas that need improvement. Wear and tear depends on a number of environmental factors. Areas exposed to constant sunlight or extreme weather conditions often requires more care. A painter will be able to help with addressing these areas and getting your building back to its original state. If you have equipment or surfaces made from metal, electrostatic paint is the way to go, which needs to be applied by a professional painter. The paint attracts to metallic surfaces, making the job faster, more efficient and clean. Likewise, tall buildings often require high rise painters. These tasks are risky and should only be undertaken by an experienced professional.

Assess the level of safety

When you’re walking around your business premises, have a look at the level of safety you currently have. If there’s people inside or products on sale, would peeling paint be attractive or safe? Using a qualified painter enables a fast and efficient paint job. This is important considering most paints carry toxic fumes. The same applies for tall buildings, both inside or outside. If you have a job like this that need to be done, you should get high rise painters. They come with the appropriate equipment to ensure the job is complete as safely as possible. Upgrade your premises with safety in mind, it’s the most important part of running a business.

Consider ongoing maintenance 

We’ve discussed the benefits of high rise painters and using electrostatic paint. What about addressing ongoing maintenance issues? Enlisting a qualified painter or team of painters to undergo maintenance work in your workplace is the best way to keep costs low. Regular maintenance means small issues are fixed immediately. It also means there are less problems because the building is constantly cared for and maintained. Find a painter that suits your needs and can give you the service you want.

4 Types of Paint Brushes the Experts Use

A painting specialist will use different paint brushes depending on the job.  Some paint brushes are better used for interior painting projects.  Others are better for exterior surfaces.  An industrial painter may use a different paint brush compared to one that a residential painter might use.  Some paint brushes are better for different types of paint and purposes.  Here are four types of paint brushes the experts use to get their jobs complete.

Natural hair paint brushes

A natural hair paint brush has just that – natural hair from animals such as: camels, hogs or badgers.  A painting specialist will use a natural paint brush for oil-based paints.  This kind of brush is quite expensive and is usually used in fine art or for highly-specialised interior painting projects. An industrial painter enjoys natural hair paint brushes because they don’t leave marks.  They leave a smooth finish and work well with varnish.

Synthetic hair paint brushes

Unlike natural hairs, synthetic hair paint brushes are tougher and rougher.  They are usually made with polyester or nylon.  Painting specialists use these with water-based emulsion paints.  They are cheaper and more affordable than natural hair brushes.  Synthetic hair paint brushes are popular with industrial painters because they spread paint well.  Although cheaper than natural hair, you should be careful not to go too cheap. A poor quality brush may fall apart.  Some bristles may fall out or shed, leaving bristles in your paint job.

Different sized paint brushes

We know from almost any paint experience that paint brushes come in different sizes.  Some are small.  These are suitable for fine art projects.  Others are wide, designed for interior painting projects.  A painting specialist will use a different sized brush depending on the area.  Some shapes are suitable for cutting in, others are best for painting large spaces.  Any commercial or industrial painter will have a flathead brush and an angular brush in their toolbox. 

Flagged paint brushes

When we talked about flagged paint brushes, we mean those where the bristles are split.  They are best used with latex paint.  They are an expensive paint brush but painting specialists love them because they hold a lot of paint.  For this reason, the paint brush gives a smooth paint application and doesn’t leave marks on the walls. 

Regardless if you’re an experienced painter or not, finding the right paint brush can be tricky.  The best solution is to call upon expert commercial or industrial painters to do the job for you.  The right paint brush makes a major difference in the end-result and the quality of the job.  Speak with the specialist painters at Grange Banks Commercial Coatings to see how they can help you.