Why Organisations Need Maintenance Programmes

Organisations that adopt maintenance programmes keep their structures and equipment maintained.  Long-lasting maintenance ensures the business assets are maintained to the highest standard.  Over time, we know that paintwork becomes tired and worn.  Without regular upkeep from a painting specialist, your building may suffer.  Not only do structures and equipment begin to look average, it costs more money in the long-term.  Management should prioritise painting services to keep their business image intact.

The best solution for protecting assets is to consider maintenance programmes.  Organisations don’t have to do much in the way of maintenance when there is a painting specialist to do the work.  When it comes to maintenance, painting services usually include consideration of asset use.  How often a building or equipment gets used determines how often paint needs to reapplying.  It is also important that a painter reviews the available maintenance resources.  There’s no point installing a new maintenance programme, when there may be an existing one in place.  Making tweaks to an existing programme saves time and money.

Some areas of a business may attract more sun or wind depending on its location.  A painting specialist will factor in the environmental contributors when devising a programme.  Maintenance programmes are designed to keep both buildings and equipment lasting as long as they can.  Regular application of paint stops wear and tear.  It keeps the business appearance sharp and professional.  Paintwork that begins to wear can lead to rust.  Rusting metal is a hazard and could cost a business a fortune.  Some excellent painting services will offer a maintenance package.  This ensures the surfaces of structures and equipment are maintained to the highest standards.

Painting specialists can use a variety of tools to carry out a variety of painting services.  They may use equipment designed for metallic surfaces or for concrete.  Hiring professionals for maintenance programmes is the best way to get the job complete to perfection.  Businesses often don’t have the time to reapply paint or worry about keeping structures maintained.  Hundreds of organisations across Melbourne enjoy the benefits of maintenance programmes.  They are able to get on with running the business, whilst the painting professionals deal with the painting projects.

Grange Banks Commercial Coatings are professional painting specialists. They are proud to deliver cost-effective, high-quality painting services tailored to suit requirements.  They have skilled tradesmen and an experienced project management team on the floor.  This enables Grange Banks Commercial Coatings to gain the trust and respect by some of Australia’s biggest firms.  Get in touch with the team and start reaping the benefits of maintenance programmes.


Three Things You Didn’t Know About Electro Painting

Electro painting has changed the way industrial painters in Melbourne do their work.  What people don’t realise about electro paint is that it makes life a lot more easier.  As a reliable product, commercial coatings like this are excellent for metallic products.  We’ve put together three things you didn’t know about electro paint and how it can work in your favour.  We are all time poor and seek ways to get jobs done faster.  Introduce electro paint into your life and you’ll never look back.

Electro paint attracts to metal surfaces

Electro painting is a technique that is often used as commercial coatings.  The charged particles in electro paint enables paint to be sprayed direct onto metallic surfaces.  Industrial painters in Melbourne have been using this method for years.  Getting in on the secrets of electro paint methods is key for doing your paint job better.  Electro paint attracts only to metal.  This means that when the painter sprays the paint, it only sprays onto metallic surfaces.  This major plus means there is little to no waste in paint.  It also means there is little to no paint spillage.  If you have metal products or equipment that need a coat of paint, electro paint is definitely the answer.

You need a special tool for electro paint projects

Industrial painters in Melbourne are always praising the end result of electro painting.  They use a special tool that enables the paint to spray out at a hard force.  For any regular paint job, this may be a difficult task and result in spills and mess.  When using electro paint, the force of the paint sprays directly onto metal surfaces.  Commercial coatings like these protect metal products and equipment from wear and tear.  If you don’t have a tool for spraying electro paint, you will need to hire or buy one.  You need training to use it, otherwise you might end up with a disastrous result.  The easier option is to hire professionals, such as the team at Grange Banks Commercial Coatings. These guys have the expertise to deliver electro painting projects on schedule and within budget.

You will save money and you will save time

We stress the ‘will’ for both money and time.  With the reduction in waste, electro painting techniques means you save money.  Some painters use paint like it’s going out of fashion.  With electro paint, there is little to no waste or spillage.  This means that there is a reduction in the need for paint.  You will buy less paint, use less paint and use less money on your project as a result.  Another great benefit that industrial painters in Melbourne love is that electro paint requires less staff.  The tool is usually handled by one person.  The speed of the spray and its accuracy enables the time of completion to cut in half.  Less people needed for the job means less money spent on wages.  Less time needed to complete a project means less money spent on wages too.  Contact Grange Banks Commercial Coatings today for an obligation-free site visit and quotation.