Refreshing Tips for the Workshop

Your workshop is most likely a place that you spend considerable time in.  Why return from your weekend to a cluttered and dull workspace?  We’ve put together three helpful tips for refreshing your workshop.  You’ll need to hire a painting specialist and consider purchasing some new furniture.  Your workshop should be a place that promotes productivity.  Not a place that impedes your ability to work well.  You may need to install new equipment or change the paint on the walls.  Commercial and industrial painting projects may take some time, but they are worth it.  An experienced painter can assist with a variety of painting tasks. They are key in making big changes to a workshop. 

Improve the lighting

Considering light regulates your level of melatonin and serotonin in your brain, it can affect your mood and alertness.  Your workshop should have as much natural lighting as possible.  If there’s not enough opportunity for natural light, ensure your wall paint enhances the brightness of the room.  An expert painting specialist is a good person to consult.  The painter can offer tips and suggestions for improving the lighting in your workshop.  Commercial and industrial painting projects enable us to consider how lighting affects  productivity.  Curtains, blinds and shutters are fantastic for keeping the strong sunlight out.  Do allow for natural light to enter the room whenever possible.  Your lights should be energy-saving, bright and in good working order.  

Improve the colour in your workshop

Colour is so important for your mood and motivation.  Your workshop should be an area that improves your mood and increases motivation.  Our bodies respond to colour in different ways.  Commercial and industrial painting projects don’t always factor how colour makes us feel.  It’s important to work with a painting specialist who understands the affect of colour on productivity.  There should be balance and variety in the colours used.  The colours selected should be appropriate to the workshop and what takes place.  Work with your painter to find the best coloured paint for your workshop.  Do not have plain white space on your walls.  Although it can look sharp, it’s too sterile.  Artwork, colourful pictures, photos and unique painted blocks are a good option.  It needn’t be too complex, get your camera out and start snapping pictures of nature.  A simple canvas of your snap could completely change the mood of your workshop.

Adjust the furniture, introduce more nature and utilise space

We know that lighting and colour makes an incredible difference to productivity and mood.  How about the space inside your workshop?  Introduce plants into your workshop.  This is an easy way to incorporate  the outside environment into the inside.  A painter can paint the pots or add background detail to walls where plants sit.  Plants encourage people to relax in the workplace.  Any painting specialist will back this, saying that the combination of pop colours and plants will improve the mood.  Other ideas for refreshing the workshop is to adjust the furniture.  If the budget is tight, your existing furniture can be repainted.  It’s a great way to lift the ambience of the workspace whilst keeping costs low.  Like all commercial or industrial painting projects, the space in which you take up matters.  Ensure there is room to move and only practical furniture in place.  Clutter can disrupt your focus and limit productivity.  Tidy your workshop and only keep the things you use.  Once you’ve decluttered, you can work towards repainting your workshop. 


Electrostatic Paint for Beginners

Whether you’re a business owner, a tradie or one of the specialist commercial painters, you’ll always be on the look-out.  You will be eyeing new gadgets, better tools and smarter ways to do your job.  Electrostatic painting is increasingly becoming a favourite amongst businesses and painters alike.  The ease of the application allows metallic protective coatings to go on quick and easy.  Although popular among the experts, many people don’t quite know how this type of spray painting works.


Electrostatic painting techniques can be used for a wide variety of objects.  As long as the surface is metallic, protective coatings can be applied to almost anything.  For businesses that manufacture or hold a lot of metal, this technique is gold.  Commercial painters use electrostatic paint in their work regularly.  The electrostatic paint enables a factory-finish on any product and reduces costs.  There is so much sense in using quality paint that attracts to metallic surfaces.  Wastage is reduced, costs are kept low and the finish is near-perfect.  It’s a reliable way to complete a job that has a tight deadline.

Commercial painters and industrial painters can apply this paint with a spray gun.  They commonly perform electrostatic painting work on metal doors, vehicle parts, fencing, window frames, handrails and furniture.  Regardless of your needs, a professional with the right equipment can save you time, money and effort.  There is not much required for protective coatings. A specialised painter with the right tools can undertake most electrostatic paint jobs.  If you have the funds, you may be able to buy your own equipment. However, this method is expensive compared to other application equipment.  Hiring a professional is the best option if you want to have the highest quality finish in a short amount of time.

Another plus for hiring commercial painters to do the application is that they know what they are doing.  The task of electrostatic painting isn’t always straightforward.  Whoever applies the protective coatings needs to be trained in using the equipment.  It is important that the electrostatic paint equipment is maintained and cleaned often.  Although it may seem cheaper in the long-term, unless you’re a busy painter yourself, buying the equipment could be costly.  Buy hiring a professional, you save time and effort.  You will also get an excellent finish without having to lift a finger.

Electrostatic painting works with specialised paint.  The positive and negative charged particles in the paint attract to metallic surface.  The application process prevents overspray and spillage.  The application ensures an even distribution across the surface.  The object being painted is the positively charged surface.  Like a magnet, the negatively charged particles in the paint attract themselves to the surface.  The magnetic forces enables an even and smooth finish across the entire surface.  It’s a quick and easy process for commercial painters, but not so much for others.  Hire a professional to look at your workplace and see how much electrostatic paint could benefit you.