Tackling Difficult Access Projects

Whether you’re painting the interior or exterior, high ropes painting is great for difficult access projects. If you’re looking above and don’t like what you see, it’s time to take action. Although it may seem a simple task, these kind of projects should involve a commercial painting contractor. The painting professionals can perform a variety of high rise paint jobs. You may be asking, why do I need to hire a professional for something so easy? Well, it wouldn’t be labelled a difficult access project if it wasn’t one.


Difficult access projects need expert personnel who can perform the job safely. Whilst you can crane your neck and spot areas that need painting, actually doing the job is tricky. A commercial painting contractor can come to you with high ropes painting equipment. It usually doesn’t matter how high or difficult the job is, a skilled painter can tackle any issue. Not only can the job be completely done with the highest level of safety equipment, the job is done well.  Skilled painters can assess the degree of difficulty and get extra help if necessary. Depending on the scale of the building, it could take days or weeks to complete.

So what exactly are difficult access projects? What does it include or exclude? Areas that are difficult to access can include both or either the interior and exterior part of the building. These areas can be quite high and difficult to reach using a standard ladder. If there is any reason to strain whilst on a ladder and painting above, it’s a difficult access area. Painting jobs should be safe. Ladders should be stable, areas should be clear and there must be proper circulation.  If you find yourself straining to reach areas from a ladder, it’s best to consider the high ropes painting technique. Most commercial painting contractors can offer this service. They arrive with the equipment and training to undertake the job in a safe manner. 

Difficult access projects can also include staircases and tight areas. Again, your commercial painting contractor can assist with such difficulties. Skilled in overcoming these challenges, a professional painter can usually help with a variety of projects, whether it’s performing high ropes painting jobs or not. It is advised that you have the commercial painting contractor inspect the premise. This is not only required for the quote, but it allows the painter to assess the safety materials and equipment needed. They may request that certain equipment or furniture be moved or covered for the job. The last thing you want is for anything to be damaged or for anyones safety to be at risk. 

Why should you enlist the help of a commercial painting contractor? Because they’re good at what they do. They have the skills to address various painting problems. They know the process of painting commercial buildings, inside and out. They come with their own equipment. The painter will install the safety equipment needed for the job, whether high ropes painting is schedule or not. They are efficient and cost-effective. Why have an inexperienced person undertake a job when an experienced painter can do the job in half the time? If you want quality and efficiency for difficult access projects, then skill and expertise is needed. Contact Grange Banks Commercial Coatings today.

The Services of a Commercial Painter

If you’re wondering what a commercial painter does, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re wondering if you need a commercial painter or a residential painter, your answer is here. Commercial painting jobs are usually large in size. They are usually under a tight deadline. Residential painting jobs tend to be more relaxed and smaller in size. One painter can undertake a residential painting job. Commercial coatings need more painters and equipment for the job. Commercial painters can do an assortment of tasks, repainting shopfronts and buildings. They can do line marking in Melbourne. They can paint sporting arenas and other large public spaces. 

Unlike a residential painter, a commercial painting specialist can do a wide variety of tasks. Many large painting companies have the equipment and expertise to deliver results in a short time frame. Painting companies specialising in commercial coatings can also supply larger machinery. This is especially useful for areas that are difficult to access. A commercial painter usually has extensive experience in addressing various areas. Difficult to access areas can be addressed by using scaffolding and cherrypickers. Commercial painters should paint high buildings. It is a dangerous task but with the correct training, it can be performed safely. Commercial painters can also do tasks that need precision and care. Line marking in Melbourne is a job that needs doing with care and patience. As a large city, there is a lot of traffic, both pedestrians and on the roads. 

Minimising inconvenience is the goal for any reconstruction. Commercial painting companies take pride in completing tasks fast. Usually working to a deadline, they come in large groups and get the job complete with efficiency. As well as line marking in Melbourne, commercial painters can perform commercial coatings on almost any surface. It is best to seek further information and get quotes from several commercial painting companies. You can compare the details against one another and select the most appropriate. Remember to address all areas that need fixing. Most commercial painters can do most tasks, don’t be afraid to enquire about anything. 

Line marking in Melbourne is good for organisations that want to fix parts of their roads. This is particularly useful for businesses that have a large site with large vehicles. Often damaged from repeated use, line markings can wear off on industrial and commercial sites. Commercial painting companies can bring their line marking equipment. They can repaint existing lines or begin a new project, depending on your needs. Commercial coatings of all sizes can be undertaken by commercial painters. They are usually equipped with the highest expertise and can manage your entire project. They are usually equipped with the training to coordinate with other trades and timelines to get the job complete. Whether it’s for personal use or for a major company, if it’s a large job you should consider the commercial painting experts. With an array of experts across their team, any issues are never too big. 


Fixing Up A Factory Or Warehouse

If your factory or warehouse is growing old and worn, it’s time to get to work. An easy way to fix your industrial building is to apply paint. Industrial painters in Melbourne have the qualifications to undertake various paint jobs. An industrial painter can do exterior and interior painting jobs. Applying paint is a quick and easy way to fix a factory or warehouse that’s passed it’s use-by date.

Chipped, marked or worn surfaces make a building look tired and old. The best way to address this kind of problem is to hire an industrial painter to touch up these areas. If you’re on a budget, search for industrial painters in Melbourne who can fix the small areas round the site. Regardless of exterior or interior painting requirements, no job is too big or small. Depending on the size, you’ll need to hire several painters for the job. If you are fixing a small area of your building, you may have the job complete within a day. If you are looking to fix a larger space, write down exactly what you need.

Large paint jobs are great for changing the colour and image of your building. This is a great marketing technique if your building surrounds high traffic areas. Getting noticed is great for business and for your customers. Having visual appeal sets one business apart from another. Industrial painters in Melbourne work in all industrial areas and can help you achieve your goal. Getting your industrial painter to alter the colour and contrast of your factory or warehouse is easily done. Interior painting jobs are great if you have clients entering the building. It’s important that your facilities and services are up to scratch. They should be clean and presentable. Your industrial building is a representation of your business.

Aside from improving marketing around your business, clean buildings are easy to look after. Once you fix your building, it’s easier to maintain. Start today with a quote from one of many industrial painters in Melbourne. List your needs, timeline and budget and agree with your industrial painter. When you repair any building, it’s easier to start a new chapter. Consider hiring a maintenance person to organise all exterior and interior painting works. After the painting is complete, your maintenance person can ensure all areas are cared for.

Invest in quality work when it comes to painting. Do your research on the best industrial painters in Melbourne. Speak with other businesses, warehouse or factories owners in the area. If you notice a great paint job, enquire about it. Find out where they found their industrial painter. Painting is a quick fix for any industrial building, despite its size. Exterior painting jobs are great for mending scratches, marks and graffiti. They are also great if you want to upgrade your look. Interior painting jobs are excellent for giving offices life and brightness. These are especially valuable for industrial buildings that contain offices. The interior of the building should look immaculate if you are hosting clients. Fix your building today and start feeling better about your business.

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