Speed up the Painting Process with Electrostatic Paint

When undertaking industrial painting projects it’s best to get advice from experts. An industrial painter can help you and your project from start to finish. If you are looking to update the premises, hiring an industrial painter is your best bet. They can plan the project, organise materials and equipment, and give you a timeline. They will most likely recommend electrostatic painting for metal assets to speed up the process. Whatever your needs for the project, your painter can help.


All industrial painting projects take time and effort. They also aren’t cheap. You want to get the most out of a painting project, without blowing your budget. If your industrial painter can apply the electrostatic painting technique, you’re winning. Electrostatic paint works with the use of magnetic forces present in the paint. The paint attracts to metallic surfaces. It’s a clean, time-saving and cost-effective process.

There are several benefits for the electrostatic painting technique. Your industrial painter will come with the equipment needed for the job. As the paint attracts to metallic surfaces, there is very little wastage. It’s a fast job as the application is very efficient. Particularly for large industrial painting projects, this method is a favourite. The finish is smooth and perfect, with little room for human error. The paint sprays the surface evenly and creates an excellent finish.

Many industrial painting projects use the electrostatic painting technique. It requires less people to do the job and it’s done with efficiency. Your painting job can be complete in half the time if the paint is applied using paint brushes and rollers. An industrial painter can assist you with your queries relating to electrostatic painting. For other jobs required, your painter with need to these by hand. This is definite for areas that are not metallic.

If your premises are laden with metallic surfaces, electrostatic painting is the answer. It’s applied direct onto the metallic surface and saves time. It is especially favourable for areas that are tricky to reach. This includes staircases, metallic machinery and pipes. Your industrial painter can either spray these areas with an applicator or paint by hand. Industrial painting projects need to be complete within a timeline to ensure the business continues to run. If a painting job takes too long, it could mean more money expended on unnecessary wages. Speed up the painting process with the electrostatic painting technique next time you’re updating your commercial space.

Big Build Painting

A great deal of architectural skill goes into the design and creation of a sky scraper. But there are also complex elements of big buildings which need ongoing attention. As with all assets exposed to the elements, buildings need regular maintenance. This is simple enough for standard buildings but large scale properties require specialists. Industrial painting projects, for example, allow for buildings to be reconditioned. Sky scrapers often use high ropes painting techniques to complete these tasks. Specialist painters train for years to master this unique but vital service.

High Ropes Painting

High ropes painting uses abseiling techniques to reach high buildings. These specialist painters rappel down the sides of buildings. Using harnesses, they are suspended as they complete their industrial painting project. Working at such a height requires extensive training. There are many health and safety processes which must be adhered to. This is to keep not only the painters safe but also the general public. Items dropped by high ropes painting teams could injure people below. That’s why it’s crucial to hire specialist painters for big build painting projects.

The challenge of painting a sky scraper also comes with inconveniences. Some areas of the building or sidewalk may need to be blocked off while the project is happening. The less frequent the projects, the better. That’s why using quality paint as well as a team of experienced painters is important. High ropes painting doesn’t mean you should compromise on quality. A well applied coat of paint will last longer and offer more protection. Make sure your industrial painting project is completed to a high standard, regardless of how high up the work is being carried out.

The outside of a building is its first impression. Businesses and commercial properties need to be smart and well-maintained. Although industrial painting projects can be inconvenient, they are important. Check the paintwork on a regular basis to identify problems early. This is difficult to do on big and tall buildings so hire specialist painters to assess for you. Sometimes it is possible to patch paintwork rather that redo the whole structure. This can save you a lot of money, particularly on large buildings. Regular maintenance should be accompanied by periodical repainting projects to give the whole building an overhaul.

Always hire specialist painters when you are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of a specialist building. From bridges to light houses, sky scrapers to religious monuments, specialist painters can help. It is key to approach each industrial painting project with the right tools, paint and technique.

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