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Painting Playground Equipment

Over time, outdoor structures need to be reconditioned. From varnishing wood to waterproofing roofs, exterior assets are always affected by the elements. One of the most effective protective coatings is paint. Easy to apply, colourful and durable, paint can protect a range of materials. Metal needs protection from rain to stop them rusting. Paint will prolong the lifespan of metal structures and make them look better. Many public assets, such as playgrounds, get painted often by professional painters. The most effective to paint metal is using the electrostatic technique.

Playgrounds can be constructed from metal, wood and plastic. For the purposes of this article, we are focusing on metal playgrounds. It is important to apply a protective coating often to a well-used asset, such as a playground. As children climb on and enjoy the equipment, over time the paint will become chipped and wear away. To keep assets protected, safe and attractive, professional painters must repaint the surfaces. When using a high quality protective coating, these inconvenient tasks can be many years apart.

When painting a playground, the facility needs to be closed to the public. It is important to complete the work as fast as possible to reopen the playground for the children. Metal playgrounds are often complex and intricate structures. It can be very difficult to paint every inch of the metal with a traditional paint brush. That’s why professional painters use the electrostatic technique. Used on large metal structures, the electrostatic technique is a paint gun which expels magnetic paint particles. This paint is attracted to the metal and covers the surface in a fast and efficient way. The technique is easy but requires large scale industrial equipment. Professional painters who specialise in protective coatings will have what you need.

The paint job which is achieved by the electrostatic technique is flawless. The paint is not only attracted to the metal but each particle repels from one another. This means the protective coating is completely watertight and durable. Electrostatic application is the most effective way of painting metal. It provides a superior finish as well as being faster than traditional paint brushes. This reduces the length of time the facility, such as a playground, must shut for. A faster project is cheaper and better for the community. Electrostatic application is fast but doesn’t compromise on quality.

Grange Banks Commercial Coatings has industrial scale electrostatic applicators. Our electrostatic technique can achieve up to 99% transfer rate. This form of protective coating is time- and money-efficient. It is also environmentally friendly and minimises contamination; ideal for playgrounds. Visit our website for more information and to make an enquiry today.

Essential Commercial Painting Tools

Most household will own paint brushes. You may also have rollers and trays for the paint. But commercial painting tools are more complex, expensive and require sophisticated training and skills to use. From boom lifts to high ropes painting, industrial painters have far more equipment at their disposal, enabling them to complete even the most complex, difficult access painting projects.


The majority commercial painting tasks are on a larger scale than domestic projects. Therefore, larger equipment is needed to complete the job within a reasonable time frame. A team of industrial painters are able to operate boom lifts or cherry pickers to paint the outside of buildings, erect scaffolding and even undertake high ropes painting. On particularly tall buildings, high ropes painting is necessary on most floors above the tenth level. This involves industrial painters rappelling down the side of the building from the roof to complete their painting tasks and takes years of training to perfect.


Other commercial painting projects pose different challenges such as difficult access to the site itself. When buildings are close together, it is sometimes necessary to use high rope painting techniques when vehicular access or even scaffolding is not possible. Complex structures such as bridges also require industrial painters with high rope techniques as well as extensive health and safety training.


Some equipment used by industrial painters is too specialist and expensive for even committed DIY enthusiasts to have. Electrostatic applicators are used to paint metal surfaces such as machinery and railings. The electronically charged particles are simultaneously attracted to the metal surface and repelled from one another, delivering a flawlessly smooth surface every time. Not only are electrostatic applicators a faster method than traditional paint brushes but they are also more environmentally friendly as well, achieving up to 99% transfer rate.


Finally, there is the paint itself. Not only can commercial painters easily select the correct type of paint as well as accurately predict the volume needed, their connections within the industry enable them to buy better quality products at a lower price. Using the right paint on the right surface will prolong the lifespan of the coat of paint and therefore increase the time between periodical maintenance work. Industrial painters will save you both time and money in the long run as well as completing work more quickly and with as little disruption as possible to the building users.


If you have a commercial painting task and want to hire professional, experienced and fully equipped industrial painters, contact Grange Banks Commercial Coatings today. We are able to complete electrostatic paint work, high ropes painting and many more specialist tasks. Visit our website to make an enquiry.

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