“Shut Down” Painting Projects

Some commercial painting projects require the building or organisation to suspend regular activities for the duration of the task. In cases such as these, it is important to implement an efficient and effective project management system to hasten the reopening of the facilities. Grange Banks Commercial Coatings specialises in “shut down” painting projects and works with the onsite maintenance team to mitigate the disruption our work has on your workers, clientele and other facility users. We have a team of painting specialists who can ensure your next “shut down” project is completed with minimal impact while still delivering maximum results.


Skilled scheduling for a “shut down” project is the most important part of the preparation for these types of commercial painting tasks. Once our painting specialists have been comprehensively briefed regarding the project details, they will devise a schedule which will deliver the highest quality work with the lowest impact to facility users. Although we at Grange Banks Commercial Coatings recognise the inconvenience of a “shut down” project, our main objectives are to deliver the highest quality services while always maintaining our impeccable safety standards.


A “shut down” project typically involves several stages. Most important is notifying facility and building users when they will be unable to access the areas and the anticipated duration of the commercial painting project. Workers attempting to regain entry to their offices, for example, can delay the tasks and result in a longer shut down period. Correctly preparing those affected is key to keeping the project on track. The painting specialists with Grange Banks Commercial Coatings have years of experience which enables them to accurately estimate the length of each project so all facility users are aware of the scheduled disruption.


Another vital stage is preparing the necessary equipment and tools. Prior to beginning, all resources which will be needed should be purchased and ready to use. Ordering too little paint or discovering the project requires a boom lift in addition to scaffolding are mistakes made only by amateurs. Professional painting specialists can prepare all necessary resources prior to the commencement of the project which will ensure the task is completed as smoothly as possible.


Finally, we understand that “shut down” projects are inconvenient and can cost businesses money. Where possible, we will schedule our commercial painting work to enable continued use or work outside of business hours. However, when it is not possible to keep the facilities functioning, Grange Banks Commercial Coatings will endeavour to complete the “shut down” as soon as possible. However, we will never compromise on the quality of our workmanship and pride ourselves on completing each project to the highest possible standard.


If you believe your maintenance team is faced with a “shut down” painting project, call Grange Banks Commercial Coatings today. Our painting specialists will arrange a free, no-obligation site visit to determine the nature and scope of your commercial painting project.

Shut Down Project