Out-of-hours Painting

While most professions work 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, there are some jobs which need to be done outside of working hours to ensure minimum disruption or maximum impact. Grange Banks Commercial Coatings offers 24/7 painting services for all our clients to ensure every project is conducted at a time which is convenient for you. If you’re looking for industrial painters in Melbourne who will work around your schedule, look no further than Grange Banks. Here are just a few examples of out-of-hours tasks we can perform.   

Shut-Down Projects
Many projects cannot be completed without the shut-down of the facilities. For venues, such as office buildings, schools and hospitals, this is a situation which needs to be handled carefully in a way that minimises the impact upon building users. Grange Banks Commercial Coatings regularly conducts large scale painting projects which require facility shut-down. For schools, we schedule this work either at the weekends or during the holidays. Hospital management teams are able to liaise with our industrial painters in Melbourne to organise the most effective way to carry out shut-down painting services without compromising the delivery of health care. 

Grange Banks also specialises in external painting projects such as high-rise buildings or bridges which require restricted access measures to be implemented. For these projects, we seek to work at a time when there are few road users or pedestrians to reduce the number of people inconvenienced by our work. We will conduct surveys alongside the asset or building management team to determine when this time may be.  

Night-Time Painting
Many commercial facilities discover that rather than shutting down their entirely, much of their painting and decorating work can be conducted outside of business hours. The team at Grange Banks Commercial Coatings are able to work through the night on office building tasks or similar. We always clean up any evidence of our painting services before the workers arrive the following day. We are also available to work projects during the weekends. 

Graffiti Removal 
If your place of business or an asset you are responsible for maintaining is vandalised with graffiti, your first priority must be to remove it or cover it as quickly as possible. However, if removed using amateur or incorrect methods, the coating beneath can become damaged. Grange Banks Commercial Coatings are experts in graffiti removal and are also able to apply a protective coating to ensure any future vandalism is easily removed. If you are looking for industrial painters in Melbourne with experience in not only graffiti removal but graffiti prevention, contact Grange Banks today. 

We believe that every painting service we provide should be as convenient as possible for our clients. That’s why we offer 24/7 service options for every project. Our industrial painters in Melbourne will work around you to deliver high quality painting work while minimising the disruption to your business or facilities. For more information, call Grange Banks Commercial Coatings today to discuss your upcoming project and schedule an obligation-free site visit. 


Graffiti Removal