5 Tips To Prepare Your Company For Commercial Painting

Many industrial painting projects inevitably lead to significant disruption to the facilities of a business. However, this is a periodical task which must be completed in order to keep your premises looking professional and well-maintained. To minimise the impact of your upcoming painting services, we’ve put together a list of 5 tips which will help prepare your staff and company for the scheduled work. Follow these steps and your commercial painting task will run as smoothly as possible.

1.     Tell all employees ASAP 

Industrial painting projects often cause unavoidable disruptions to building and facility users. Prior notice which details exactly how the commercial painting task will impact their ability to use and move about is vital information for employees. The earlier they are told, the better. In the event of a shut-down project, whereby no access is permitted, the company should make prior arrangements to either relocate the staffing body or close the business for a period of time.

2.     Implement comprehensive health and safety 

If employees and even consumers have direct access to the industrial painting projects, health and safety measures must be implemented. This may include the erection of barriers and the posting of clear signage. It is often advised to meet with all staff members to brief them on the nature of the commercial painting project and any precautions being taken.

3.     Consult closely with your painting services 

The experts are best placed to anticipate the ways in which your industrial painting project will impact your business. Ask them to conduct several site walk-throughs. This offers a chance to identify potential problems as well as enabling them to create a plan which mitigates the levels of disruption caused.

4.     Complete any repair prior to the project 

One of the most common causes of delays to commercial painting tasks is the need to repair or replace part of the structure. Delays cost money and can be highly inconvenient to businesses and their staff. All repair work should be completed before the painting services team arrives onsite. Earlier visits will have identified any compromised structures or assets. An efficient painting team will arrive and begin their work immediately so be sure they are able to do this.

5.     Stick to the schedule 

Sometimes delays are unavoidable but when it comes to industrial painting projects, these can be inconvenient and costly. Putting together a comprehensive plan with the help of your painting services will minimise the risk of delays as long as the plan is realistic and all-encompassing. Experienced painters will be able to accurately predict the duration of each task and execute them accordingly. Completing the work on time and allowing facility and building users to resume their regular activities when promised is the mark of a great commercial painting project.


Prepare for Commercial Painting