Keeping the Public Safe

As a building manager, you and your team have a responsibility to keep users and visitors safe. Although many consider our society overbearing when it comes to health and safety regulations, there are subtle ways in which to ensure visitors are safe without appearing to mollycoddle them or limit the usability of the building. From line painting to commercial coatings, paint can be successfully used in high traffic areas to keep the general public safe and offer a durable solution to hazards. Here are some examples of how a painting service could improve your health and safety protocol.

Firstly, line painting can be used as a safety measure in a number of environments. Perhaps most commonly associated with factories and schools, this is a painting service from which most high traffic buildings can benefit. In addition to marking safe walkways or traffic routes, line painting can also highlight hazards such as step edges or an uneven surface. Many line painting products are fire resistant and can be used as not only a commercial coating but also to delay a fire’s progress if one was to break out in your building. Other uses for line painting products include:

  • Identifying safe and/or dangerous areas
  • Illustrating exit routes and assembly points
  • Crossings and walkways
  • Slip-resistant marks
  • Logos/images
  • Warnings

Painted floors have been proven to increase visibility. Shinier than concrete, paint reflects all available light and makes the space brighter, lighter and, consequently, less hazardous. These commercial coatings are also incredibly hard wearing and will endure for longer than many of its counterparts. With built-in grip from aggregate particles, floor paint reduces the risk of slip and falls without the addition of unsightly floor mats. This is a painting service facilities such as swimming pools and other wet, high traffic areas should consider.

Finally, painted floors are quick and easy to clean, making them more hygienic than concrete or wood. Ideal in areas handling food, these painted surfaces are stain and water resistant, can be wiped clean and require minimal upkeep. It is also possible to get commercial coatings which include antimicrobial features, further improving your health and safety standards. Speak to your painting service about the types of paint available and those appropriate for your space.

Whether you wish to recondition existing commercial coatings or are looking to introduce paint for the first time to your building, use a local, specialist and experienced painting service to ensure you are receiving the best advice and quality workmanship possible. Health and safety should be your top priority, so make sure you deliver the highest quality service and product to your building’s users. For more information about our wide range painting services, specialising in commercial coatings, contact Grange Banks today and find out how we can help make your property safer.


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