Environmentally Friendly Commercial Painting

Here at Grange Banks we pledge not only to deliver premium quality painting services but to do so in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way. We choose our products and organise our projects to minimise our impact on the surrounding environment so both our painters and our clients can rest assured the task leaves no lasting impression on our delicate planet. Here are some of the ways in which we aim to conduct our work to make it as green as possible.

Using environmentally friendly paint 

Grange Banks uses eColour paint. Not only is this a locally made, Australian-owned company based in Byron Bay which minimises the travel miles of each paint pot, eColour are also working hard to be sustainable. Their paints are all free from VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and, consequently, non-toxic. The VOCs contained in regular paints are bad for the environment, air quality and contribute to climate change when combined with nitrogen oxides. Paint is the second biggest contributors of VOCs into the environment behind motor vehicles. Some companies use low VOC paints but these continue to release outgases for up to five years.

Of the 300 toxic VOCs typically contained within a paint tin, 150 are carcinogenic. It is these chemicals which give paint its unique odour, a quality mercifully missing from zero VOC paints. eColour and Grange Banks promote the use of zero VOC paints to protect both the environment and our clients. Previous clients including schools, hospitals and aged living facilities have benefited from our sustainable painting ethos and the lack of VOCs means their newly painted space needn’t be ventilated before it can be used, a real benefit for building managers. eColour is the only paint supplier in Australia carrying a full range of zero VOC paints, which is why Grange Banks uses them every time. We won’t compromise the quality of our work nor our principles.

Diligent clean-up procedures 

At Grange Banks, we pride ourselves on leaving nothing behind except top quality work. Our painters’ extensive preparation is not only undertaken to protect our clients’ assets but also to minimise any contamination of exterior projects on the local environment. This includes waterways and storm drainage systems, for which the introduction of paint would be detrimental. After each project, our painters work hard to ensure no trace of our painting services remains aside from the completed project.

Reducing waste 

Our painters carefully calculate exactly how much paint they will need for each job and order the correct amount. This means we save you money and also save the environment from surplus paint production. Any waste products which are left can either be given to our client’s property maintenance team in case a touch-up is needed or will be carefully, responsibly and sustainably disposed of.

Years of experience 

Simply being professional painters makes Grange Banks environmentally friendly. We not only produce a higher quality finish than a DIY job but we also use less paint and have better clean-up techniques and disposal practices.

Painting services have traditionally had a negative impact on the environment. The use of chemicals in paint products, harmful both for humans and the surrounding flora and fauna, the debris and trash produced after a project and the general contamination of our natural world. However, Grange Banks believes painting services don’t have to be environmentally unfriendly. Our painters work carefully to deliver the most sustainable, eco-friendly painting service they can so you, our client, can feel good about your new paintwork.