Line Painting Low-Down

Have you ever wondered how they get those perfectly straight white lines on the roads? Yeah, me too. In big cities like Melbourne, line marking work is a near constant necessity, with paint wearing away, new road layouts, construction work, and changes to road systems happening all the time. These lines are vital to ensure our cities run smoothly, denoting where something can or cannot be done. Industrial painters can help you decide whether your own business could benefit from some line marking.

Firstly, let’s take a look at a few places where we find line marking, aside from in the middle of the highway:

  • Schools – outside any building with lots of children, it’s vital to ensure visibility remains clear. Therefore, most schools will not allow cars to stop directly outside the gates, using zig-zag lines or the ever effective ‘keep clear’ written on the ground.
  • Playgrounds – aside from climbing frames and swings, children also enjoy playing on the ground. Drawing traditional games such as hopscotch (chalk doesn’t really exist any more) or a maze on tarmac can entertain children for hours. And the lines don’t have to be white. The extensive range of colours available means these can be fun, vibrant designs.
  • Car parks – because you can’t trust the public to park sensibly without laying out specific spaces for them. It will also probably ensure you get more cars into the parking area by being economical with spacing.
  • Sports courts – outdoor sports areas where games such as baseball, netball, and tennis are played all need lines to identify the different areas of the court correctly.
  • Parking spaces outside commercial premises – if you’re a store owner and you’re lucky enough to have your own parking area, it’s important to differentiate this as customer only space, probably by writing ‘customers only’ …

Line marking is definitely a skill and therefore any of these jobs should be left to expert industrial painters. Wobbly, incorrect, or simply messy lines will give a bad impression to anyone who drives over them. And once you’ve made a mistake, it’s incredibly hard to correct it due to the high-durability of the paint itself. Industrial painters will also be able to provide the correct machinery for the job for straight, clean-edged lines. It’s important to keep your lines in good condition too and repaint them every few years to ensure they don’t begin to look worn or neglected.

If you’re looking for a professional Melbourne line marking company, contact Grange Banks today for a free quote. With experienced industrial painters Grange Banks offers a wide range of line marking services to suit your needs.