How to Find the Best Painter For What You Need

When you’re looking for a painter, it helps to know what you need one for. Some painters are specialised in applying electrostatic paint, while others are specialist high rise painters. Doing a 360 of your workplace is the best way to understand what kind of painter you need and what for. We suggest that you walk around your business, both interior and exterior, spot the areas that need work, and take notes. Many painters have their own specialised equipment to undertake even the most difficult tasks. Here’s a guide we’ve put together to help you find the best painter for what you need.

Look for areas needing improvement

It doesn’t matter how old the building is, there’s always going to be areas that need improvement. Wear and tear depends on a number of environmental factors. Areas exposed to constant sunlight or extreme weather conditions often requires more care. A painter will be able to help with addressing these areas and getting your building back to its original state. If you have equipment or surfaces made from metal, electrostatic paint is the way to go, which needs to be applied by a professional painter. The paint attracts to metallic surfaces, making the job faster, more efficient and clean. Likewise, tall buildings often require high rise painters. These tasks are risky and should only be undertaken by an experienced professional.

Assess the level of safety

When you’re walking around your business premises, have a look at the level of safety you currently have. If there’s people inside or products on sale, would peeling paint be attractive or safe? Using a qualified painter enables a fast and efficient paint job. This is important considering most paints carry toxic fumes. The same applies for tall buildings, both inside or outside. If you have a job like this that need to be done, you should get high rise painters. They come with the appropriate equipment to ensure the job is complete as safely as possible. Upgrade your premises with safety in mind, it’s the most important part of running a business.

Consider ongoing maintenance 

We’ve discussed the benefits of high rise painters and using electrostatic paint. What about addressing ongoing maintenance issues? Enlisting a qualified painter or team of painters to undergo maintenance work in your workplace is the best way to keep costs low. Regular maintenance means small issues are fixed immediately. It also means there are less problems because the building is constantly cared for and maintained. Find a painter that suits your needs and can give you the service you want.


4 Types of Paint Brushes the Experts Use

A painting specialist will use different paint brushes depending on the job.  Some paint brushes are better used for interior painting projects.  Others are better for exterior surfaces.  An industrial painter may use a different paint brush compared to one that a residential painter might use.  Some paint brushes are better for different types of paint and purposes.  Here are four types of paint brushes the experts use to get their jobs complete.

Natural hair paint brushes

A natural hair paint brush has just that – natural hair from animals such as: camels, hogs or badgers.  A painting specialist will use a natural paint brush for oil-based paints.  This kind of brush is quite expensive and is usually used in fine art or for highly-specialised interior painting projects. An industrial painter enjoys natural hair paint brushes because they don’t leave marks.  They leave a smooth finish and work well with varnish.

Synthetic hair paint brushes

Unlike natural hairs, synthetic hair paint brushes are tougher and rougher.  They are usually made with polyester or nylon.  Painting specialists use these with water-based emulsion paints.  They are cheaper and more affordable than natural hair brushes.  Synthetic hair paint brushes are popular with industrial painters because they spread paint well.  Although cheaper than natural hair, you should be careful not to go too cheap. A poor quality brush may fall apart.  Some bristles may fall out or shed, leaving bristles in your paint job.

Different sized paint brushes

We know from almost any paint experience that paint brushes come in different sizes.  Some are small.  These are suitable for fine art projects.  Others are wide, designed for interior painting projects.  A painting specialist will use a different sized brush depending on the area.  Some shapes are suitable for cutting in, others are best for painting large spaces.  Any commercial or industrial painter will have a flathead brush and an angular brush in their toolbox. 

Flagged paint brushes

When we talked about flagged paint brushes, we mean those where the bristles are split.  They are best used with latex paint.  They are an expensive paint brush but painting specialists love them because they hold a lot of paint.  For this reason, the paint brush gives a smooth paint application and doesn’t leave marks on the walls. 

Regardless if you’re an experienced painter or not, finding the right paint brush can be tricky.  The best solution is to call upon expert commercial or industrial painters to do the job for you.  The right paint brush makes a major difference in the end-result and the quality of the job.  Speak with the specialist painters at Grange Banks Commercial Coatings to see how they can help you. 

Eight Reasons Why Factories Shouldn’t Be Boring

Just because you work in a factory doesn’t mean it has to be a dull workspace.  Like any workstation, your environment affects your productivity at work.  Industrial painters in Melbourne are often hired to refurbish and undertake commercial coatings.  Factories shouldn’t be boring places to work.  Hiring an expert painter can help you lift the workspace in more ways than one.  A painter can help apply wall paint, special surface paint and floor paint.  We’ve put together a list of reasons why factories shouldn’t be boring. 

Factories are important

Factories shouldn’t be boring workspaces because they are important.  They are important for their business, for the economy and for those working in factories.  Factories should be inviting places for those who work there so they feel happier and positive about coming to work.

Large number of staff

Not only are factories important because of what they do, but they are the workplace to a large number of people.  Commercial coatings, floor paint and wall paint would benefit a large group of people, not just a minority.

Better workplaces improve productivity

Applying commercial coatings enables a fresh look for the workspace.  With brighter colours and clean surfaces, those who work in factories can work better and more efficiently.  

Brighter workspaces make people feel happier

We know that dark and dull work spaces don’t encourage happy vibes.  This goes without saying in almost any environment.  Factories can already seem very industrial.  Applying some wall and floor paint is a simple way to make staff feel happier and more energetic.

Updated premises means people care for their workplace

Industrial painters in Melbourne report that their clients enjoy their workspace after repainting.  They are more likely to clean their workspace after a refurbishment.  Cleaner workspaces are easier to clean and maintain.  Old, tired and dirty factories can often go ignored when it comes to deep cleans.

Better workspaces fuel innovative thinking

Cleaner, brighter and healthier workspaces fuel innovative, smart thinking.  Factories are an important workspace for a variety of personalities and abilities.  The internal environment is a good way to encourage creative thinking and healthier work habits.

Improved team building tactics

As well as improved employee morale and efficacy, if staff are content with their working environment, they are better to work with.  That said, applying bright floor paint and refurbishing the entire interior helps with team building.

A better work environment is healthier

Our final point on why factories shouldn’t be boring.  Apply commercial coatings and have some industrial painters in Melbourne visit your factory.  Not only are staff members going to be happier, they will be healthier.  Better work environments make healthier environments.  Considering the time spent at work, healthy environments are important.

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Why High Ropes Painting Projects Work

High ropes painting projects are best undertaken by professional painters.  Using safety equipment designed for difficult access projects, high ropes get the job done.  High ropes work because they reach areas that aren’t accessible with ladders alone.  They are great for both interior and exterior painting jobs.  Specialist painters usually have the experience and equipment to undertake risky tasks.  It’s important that organisations hire the right people for the job.  Undertaking a risky task is not acceptable in any work place.  Do not try and paint high ceilings or difficult access areas on your own.  Ensure that you hire the right professional who has the correct safety equipment.

Most difficult access projects need careful planning.  It is good practice to have your painter assess the area before the paint project begins.  High ropes painting tools include various ropes, harnesses, hard hats and standing ledges.  They may include other materials, depending on the needs of the painter and the job. Safety comes first with risky projects.  Whether it’s an interior or exterior painting job or both, it needs a plan.  When hiring an experienced professional, ensure that they have the necessary safety equipment for the job.  Be sure that you don’t let an inexperienced painter undertake a dangerous task.  The best way to go about hiring a qualified painter is through a trusted and professional painting company.  They can provide experienced painters who have the skills to complete difficult painting jobs.

Why should you consider high ropes painting?  Because it means you are protecting the building.  You are maintaining the premises as a whole.  There is no point in refurbishing if you aren’t going to address all areas.  By repainting high ceilings and upper walls, it brightens a room.  This is particularly useful for interiors that appear dark or have little natural light.  It also gives you an opportunity to clean the walls and remove dust and cobwebs.  Exterior painting jobs are great for repainting or changing a buildings colour.  A professional painter can attach ropes to the top of the building and work their way downwards.  Difficult access projects are achievable, they just need completing by experienced professionals.

Cleaner, brighter workplaces make for reduced absenteeism.  If your staff or clients sense a good atmosphere within your building, they will want to return.  Not only does a repaint enable you to clean the interior and exterior parts of the building.  It also lets you address any marks, cracks, peels or chips.  Your painter can identify these issues and address them quickly.  Fixing these minor issues results in a building that looks better for longer.  Preserving the building in which your organisation runs is imperative.  Take the necessary steps and get a high ropes painting expert.  They can undertake a variety of difficult access projects in a safe and professional manner.  Take a look at all areas of your building, not just at the eye level. Consider both the interior and exterior painting needs and hire a professional today.


3 Ways To Make Your Work Environment Better

The place in which you work makes a considerable difference to your efficiency and productivity.  We’ve come up with three ways you can make your work environment better.  This doesn’t mean drastic changes, these are simple hacks for a better work environment.  By recruiting an experienced painter, you can have almost anything improved.  From applying floor paint to changing your entire exterior, a change can do wonders.

Change up your floor space

Starting with one of the easiest options.  Have a good look at the area in which you work and see what can go and what should stay.  Too much clutter can impede your ability to be productive.  If you need to, take everything out of the office or workshop and apply some floor paint.  Especially if you have concrete floors, a coat of paint on the floor can brighten the whole room.  Get in touch with a painter who specialises in commercial painting jobs of this kind.  They’ll need special equipment and a cleared room, but it’s worth it for the difference it makes in the work environment.

Add a splash of colour

Like adding some floor paint to the room, adding a splash of colour has a great impact on efficiency.  Brighter colours are much more exciting and engaging that dull and dark colours.  Hiring a commercial painting expert is a good place to start if you want to add colour to the walls.  A painter can apply paint to walls, ceilings and floors both on the interior and exterior.  You’ll thank us later for the change in your work environment.  Some colours spark creativity and make a substantial difference.

Clean your workspace and add a fresh coat of paint

Before you start drowning in ideas and problems, start from the beginning.  Clean your workspace so that it is free from clutter.  The more clutter and junk, the more your mind gets cloudy and stressed.  Get rid of things you don’t need or have no use for.  Once you’ve done a thorough clean, you should consider hiring a painter who does commercial painting work.  They can look at the workspace and tell you what would suit your space.  A simple, fresh coat of paint can be all it takes to have your office or workshop feeling new again.  And we all love a new workspace, don’t we?

If you need a commercial painting team in Melbourne, contact Grange Banks Commercial Coatings today.


Why Organisations Need Maintenance Programmes

Organisations that adopt maintenance programmes keep their structures and equipment maintained.  Long-lasting maintenance ensures the business assets are maintained to the highest standard.  Over time, we know that paintwork becomes tired and worn.  Without regular upkeep from a painting specialist, your building may suffer.  Not only do structures and equipment begin to look average, it costs more money in the long-term.  Management should prioritise painting services to keep their business image intact.

The best solution for protecting assets is to consider maintenance programmes.  Organisations don’t have to do much in the way of maintenance when there is a painting specialist to do the work.  When it comes to maintenance, painting services usually include consideration of asset use.  How often a building or equipment gets used determines how often paint needs to reapplying.  It is also important that a painter reviews the available maintenance resources.  There’s no point installing a new maintenance programme, when there may be an existing one in place.  Making tweaks to an existing programme saves time and money.

Some areas of a business may attract more sun or wind depending on its location.  A painting specialist will factor in the environmental contributors when devising a programme.  Maintenance programmes are designed to keep both buildings and equipment lasting as long as they can.  Regular application of paint stops wear and tear.  It keeps the business appearance sharp and professional.  Paintwork that begins to wear can lead to rust.  Rusting metal is a hazard and could cost a business a fortune.  Some excellent painting services will offer a maintenance package.  This ensures the surfaces of structures and equipment are maintained to the highest standards.

Painting specialists can use a variety of tools to carry out a variety of painting services.  They may use equipment designed for metallic surfaces or for concrete.  Hiring professionals for maintenance programmes is the best way to get the job complete to perfection.  Businesses often don’t have the time to reapply paint or worry about keeping structures maintained.  Hundreds of organisations across Melbourne enjoy the benefits of maintenance programmes.  They are able to get on with running the business, whilst the painting professionals deal with the painting projects.

Grange Banks Commercial Coatings are professional painting specialists. They are proud to deliver cost-effective, high-quality painting services tailored to suit requirements.  They have skilled tradesmen and an experienced project management team on the floor.  This enables Grange Banks Commercial Coatings to gain the trust and respect by some of Australia’s biggest firms.  Get in touch with the team and start reaping the benefits of maintenance programmes.


Three Things You Didn’t Know About Electro Painting

Electro painting has changed the way industrial painters in Melbourne do their work.  What people don’t realise about electro paint is that it makes life a lot more easier.  As a reliable product, commercial coatings like this are excellent for metallic products.  We’ve put together three things you didn’t know about electro paint and how it can work in your favour.  We are all time poor and seek ways to get jobs done faster.  Introduce electro paint into your life and you’ll never look back.

Electro paint attracts to metal surfaces

Electro painting is a technique that is often used as commercial coatings.  The charged particles in electro paint enables paint to be sprayed direct onto metallic surfaces.  Industrial painters in Melbourne have been using this method for years.  Getting in on the secrets of electro paint methods is key for doing your paint job better.  Electro paint attracts only to metal.  This means that when the painter sprays the paint, it only sprays onto metallic surfaces.  This major plus means there is little to no waste in paint.  It also means there is little to no paint spillage.  If you have metal products or equipment that need a coat of paint, electro paint is definitely the answer.

You need a special tool for electro paint projects

Industrial painters in Melbourne are always praising the end result of electro painting.  They use a special tool that enables the paint to spray out at a hard force.  For any regular paint job, this may be a difficult task and result in spills and mess.  When using electro paint, the force of the paint sprays directly onto metal surfaces.  Commercial coatings like these protect metal products and equipment from wear and tear.  If you don’t have a tool for spraying electro paint, you will need to hire or buy one.  You need training to use it, otherwise you might end up with a disastrous result.  The easier option is to hire professionals, such as the team at Grange Banks Commercial Coatings. These guys have the expertise to deliver electro painting projects on schedule and within budget.

You will save money and you will save time

We stress the ‘will’ for both money and time.  With the reduction in waste, electro painting techniques means you save money.  Some painters use paint like it’s going out of fashion.  With electro paint, there is little to no waste or spillage.  This means that there is a reduction in the need for paint.  You will buy less paint, use less paint and use less money on your project as a result.  Another great benefit that industrial painters in Melbourne love is that electro paint requires less staff.  The tool is usually handled by one person.  The speed of the spray and its accuracy enables the time of completion to cut in half.  Less people needed for the job means less money spent on wages.  Less time needed to complete a project means less money spent on wages too.  Contact Grange Banks Commercial Coatings today for an obligation-free site visit and quotation.


Refreshing Tips for the Workshop

Your workshop is most likely a place that you spend considerable time in.  Why return from your weekend to a cluttered and dull workspace?  We’ve put together three helpful tips for refreshing your workshop.  You’ll need to hire a painting specialist and consider purchasing some new furniture.  Your workshop should be a place that promotes productivity.  Not a place that impedes your ability to work well.  You may need to install new equipment or change the paint on the walls.  Commercial and industrial painting projects may take some time, but they are worth it.  An experienced painter can assist with a variety of painting tasks. They are key in making big changes to a workshop. 

Improve the lighting

Considering light regulates your level of melatonin and serotonin in your brain, it can affect your mood and alertness.  Your workshop should have as much natural lighting as possible.  If there’s not enough opportunity for natural light, ensure your wall paint enhances the brightness of the room.  An expert painting specialist is a good person to consult.  The painter can offer tips and suggestions for improving the lighting in your workshop.  Commercial and industrial painting projects enable us to consider how lighting affects  productivity.  Curtains, blinds and shutters are fantastic for keeping the strong sunlight out.  Do allow for natural light to enter the room whenever possible.  Your lights should be energy-saving, bright and in good working order.  

Improve the colour in your workshop

Colour is so important for your mood and motivation.  Your workshop should be an area that improves your mood and increases motivation.  Our bodies respond to colour in different ways.  Commercial and industrial painting projects don’t always factor how colour makes us feel.  It’s important to work with a painting specialist who understands the affect of colour on productivity.  There should be balance and variety in the colours used.  The colours selected should be appropriate to the workshop and what takes place.  Work with your painter to find the best coloured paint for your workshop.  Do not have plain white space on your walls.  Although it can look sharp, it’s too sterile.  Artwork, colourful pictures, photos and unique painted blocks are a good option.  It needn’t be too complex, get your camera out and start snapping pictures of nature.  A simple canvas of your snap could completely change the mood of your workshop.

Adjust the furniture, introduce more nature and utilise space

We know that lighting and colour makes an incredible difference to productivity and mood.  How about the space inside your workshop?  Introduce plants into your workshop.  This is an easy way to incorporate  the outside environment into the inside.  A painter can paint the pots or add background detail to walls where plants sit.  Plants encourage people to relax in the workplace.  Any painting specialist will back this, saying that the combination of pop colours and plants will improve the mood.  Other ideas for refreshing the workshop is to adjust the furniture.  If the budget is tight, your existing furniture can be repainted.  It’s a great way to lift the ambience of the workspace whilst keeping costs low.  Like all commercial or industrial painting projects, the space in which you take up matters.  Ensure there is room to move and only practical furniture in place.  Clutter can disrupt your focus and limit productivity.  Tidy your workshop and only keep the things you use.  Once you’ve decluttered, you can work towards repainting your workshop. 


Electrostatic Paint for Beginners

Whether you’re a business owner, a tradie or one of the specialist commercial painters, you’ll always be on the look-out.  You will be eyeing new gadgets, better tools and smarter ways to do your job.  Electrostatic painting is increasingly becoming a favourite amongst businesses and painters alike.  The ease of the application allows metallic protective coatings to go on quick and easy.  Although popular among the experts, many people don’t quite know how this type of spray painting works.


Electrostatic painting techniques can be used for a wide variety of objects.  As long as the surface is metallic, protective coatings can be applied to almost anything.  For businesses that manufacture or hold a lot of metal, this technique is gold.  Commercial painters use electrostatic paint in their work regularly.  The electrostatic paint enables a factory-finish on any product and reduces costs.  There is so much sense in using quality paint that attracts to metallic surfaces.  Wastage is reduced, costs are kept low and the finish is near-perfect.  It’s a reliable way to complete a job that has a tight deadline.

Commercial painters and industrial painters can apply this paint with a spray gun.  They commonly perform electrostatic painting work on metal doors, vehicle parts, fencing, window frames, handrails and furniture.  Regardless of your needs, a professional with the right equipment can save you time, money and effort.  There is not much required for protective coatings. A specialised painter with the right tools can undertake most electrostatic paint jobs.  If you have the funds, you may be able to buy your own equipment. However, this method is expensive compared to other application equipment.  Hiring a professional is the best option if you want to have the highest quality finish in a short amount of time.

Another plus for hiring commercial painters to do the application is that they know what they are doing.  The task of electrostatic painting isn’t always straightforward.  Whoever applies the protective coatings needs to be trained in using the equipment.  It is important that the electrostatic paint equipment is maintained and cleaned often.  Although it may seem cheaper in the long-term, unless you’re a busy painter yourself, buying the equipment could be costly.  Buy hiring a professional, you save time and effort.  You will also get an excellent finish without having to lift a finger.

Electrostatic painting works with specialised paint.  The positive and negative charged particles in the paint attract to metallic surface.  The application process prevents overspray and spillage.  The application ensures an even distribution across the surface.  The object being painted is the positively charged surface.  Like a magnet, the negatively charged particles in the paint attract themselves to the surface.  The magnetic forces enables an even and smooth finish across the entire surface.  It’s a quick and easy process for commercial painters, but not so much for others.  Hire a professional to look at your workplace and see how much electrostatic paint could benefit you.

Tackling Difficult Access Projects

Whether you’re painting the interior or exterior, high ropes painting is great for difficult access projects. If you’re looking above and don’t like what you see, it’s time to take action. Although it may seem a simple task, these kind of projects should involve a commercial painting contractor. The painting professionals can perform a variety of high rise paint jobs. You may be asking, why do I need to hire a professional for something so easy? Well, it wouldn’t be labelled a difficult access project if it wasn’t one.


Difficult access projects need expert personnel who can perform the job safely. Whilst you can crane your neck and spot areas that need painting, actually doing the job is tricky. A commercial painting contractor can come to you with high ropes painting equipment. It usually doesn’t matter how high or difficult the job is, a skilled painter can tackle any issue. Not only can the job be completely done with the highest level of safety equipment, the job is done well.  Skilled painters can assess the degree of difficulty and get extra help if necessary. Depending on the scale of the building, it could take days or weeks to complete.

So what exactly are difficult access projects? What does it include or exclude? Areas that are difficult to access can include both or either the interior and exterior part of the building. These areas can be quite high and difficult to reach using a standard ladder. If there is any reason to strain whilst on a ladder and painting above, it’s a difficult access area. Painting jobs should be safe. Ladders should be stable, areas should be clear and there must be proper circulation.  If you find yourself straining to reach areas from a ladder, it’s best to consider the high ropes painting technique. Most commercial painting contractors can offer this service. They arrive with the equipment and training to undertake the job in a safe manner. 

Difficult access projects can also include staircases and tight areas. Again, your commercial painting contractor can assist with such difficulties. Skilled in overcoming these challenges, a professional painter can usually help with a variety of projects, whether it’s performing high ropes painting jobs or not. It is advised that you have the commercial painting contractor inspect the premise. This is not only required for the quote, but it allows the painter to assess the safety materials and equipment needed. They may request that certain equipment or furniture be moved or covered for the job. The last thing you want is for anything to be damaged or for anyones safety to be at risk. 

Why should you enlist the help of a commercial painting contractor? Because they’re good at what they do. They have the skills to address various painting problems. They know the process of painting commercial buildings, inside and out. They come with their own equipment. The painter will install the safety equipment needed for the job, whether high ropes painting is schedule or not. They are efficient and cost-effective. Why have an inexperienced person undertake a job when an experienced painter can do the job in half the time? If you want quality and efficiency for difficult access projects, then skill and expertise is needed. Contact Grange Banks Commercial Coatings today.